The 7 Best Online Functional Programming Courses 2021

learn functional programming best online courses

When you hear functional programming (FP), it almost sounds obvious. After all, shouldn’t all programming be functional? Shouldn’t it always work? While creating a working program or product is the goal, functional programming delves much deeper than that. Not a type, but a way, of coding that focuses on producing pure functions and creating cleaner … Read more

Learn Big O Notation: Top 5 Best Courses 2021

learn big o algorithms best courses

Big O notation, or its counterpart Big Theta, are mathematical notations used in computer science to describe the performance or complexity of a particular algorithm. Big O is also used to describe the execution time required or the space required to store an algorithm. Software engineers use programming to solve real-world problems. To ensure they’re … Read more

The 7 Best Free Coding Courses – Ranked

best free online coding courses

Everyone should learn how to code. Aside from the obvious benefit of opening doors into in-demand (and highly paid) tech jobs, coding offers valuable thinking skills you can use in any occupation. Problem-solving, inter-department communication, automating day-to-day tasks, and attention-grabbing résumés are a few of the strengths you gain with coding literacy. What’s even better … Read more