Top 9 Best Graphic Design Software (For Every Use!) 2022

best graphic design software

Graphic design software has been a linchpin for thousands of businesses and artists all over the world for decades. From web design, advertising, cover art, and personal creative works, the possibilities are truly endless. Next time you’re out in public or shopping in town, take a quick look around you. Be mindful of all the … Read more

10 Best Podcast Recoding & Editing Software 2022 (Free & Paid)

best podcast recording editing software

Podcasting has exploded in recent years, with Joe Rogan’s monumental $100 million Spotify podcast deal solidifying podcasting as both a fun and potentially extremely profitable pastime. Millions now rely on regular doses of their favorite shows to get through commutes, work, lazy evenings, or even to help get to sleep. True crime podcasts have captivated … Read more

Top 7 Best 2D Animation Software (Some Are Free!)

best 2d animation software

In the 20th century, the world fell in love with animation. Originally staking roots in media and entertainment, this swiftly evolving medium has now taken multiple industries by storm, increasing the demand for access to animation technology. 2D animation software, once kept sidelined for commercial use, now offers creators of all skill levels the tools … Read more

Learn Python: 7 Best Online Courses (For Beginners and Experts) 2022

learn python best online courses

Programming carries a heavy stigma of being confusing and tough to learn… until Python entered the game and took the industry by storm. What started out as a hobby project named after Monty Python has since turned into one of the world’s most popular languages. Python is known for its easy learning curve and simplistic … Read more