40+ Software Industry Facts Everyone Should Know

The software industry is wide and vast, and can easily be described by this Statista definition: “The software industry consists of the development, distribution, and maintenance of software. It can be broadly divided into application software, system infrastructure software, software-as-a-service (SaaS), operating systems, database and analytics software.” This “broadly divided” industry, however, is boiled down … Read more

Data Science 101: A Complete Guide of the Top 6 Data Science Courses

When to comes to data science, you’d think the name explained it all. It’s about the science of data, right? Wrong. While yes, data science involves data and science, it also involves so much more. Statistics, mathematics, artificial intelligence, analysis, and visualization all play important roles in the field, and that’s just the tip of … Read more

Machine Learning 101: The Top 6 Machine Learning Courses From Beginner to Expert

Machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) have raised brows over the recent years as engineers continue to push boundaries on the role of ML in our everyday lives. From simple spam recognition and fraud analysis to the creation of DeepMind – a machine that mimics human thought processes and has even successfully beaten people … Read more

Top 6 Sites for Programming Courses 2021 (For all skill levels)

programming courses

Whether professional or personal, there are many reasons to learn a new skill. While many people study courses like coding and computer science in college, the constantly evolving nature of technology and new languages have made programming courses invaluable to new and returning programmers. It takes a lot of searching to find the best online … Read more